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GJI has established a State of Art Environmental Friendly power transmission manufacturing facility with an annual capacity of 50,000 MT.


  • The plant comprises of 6 Bay Lines.
  • Each bay is equipped with 2 CNC machines catering to angle plates and channels of various sizes.
  • Along with the CNC machines, the plant is having one of the best bending furnaces (LPG operated) & Hydraulic presses for bending operation.
  • EOT cranes are fitted for each Bay to ease movement of material.


  • GJI has world class fully automated state of art Environmental Friendly galvanizing plant imported from GIMECO Italy.
  • The plant complies with the most stringent Statutory, Regulatory & other requirements related to Environment, Health & Safety anywhere in the world.
  • The Pretreatment area, the drying chamber & the galvanized furnace are fully enclosed from all sides.
  • All these enclosed areas have suitable suction & drainage mechanism to extract solid, liquid & air emissions and route them through the treatment processes so that we have the best standards of emission controls that can meet the most stringent regulations.
  • The acid fumes in the enclosed pre treatment plant are extracted by negative pressure and taken by pipes to Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).
    Here they pass through an acid fume scrubber to be re liquefied then passed through water re cycling unit.
  • Clean water of the ETP is re cycled in the pre treatment plant and the separated acid is re cycled back after being re concentrated to correct level.
  • The galvanizing bath is covered with white fume enclosure.
  • White fumes arising from the Zinc Bath are collected by an exhaust unit that routes through a bag house filter. Here the Zinc powder settles down and clean air moves through the exhaust chimney.
  • The non toxic solid by product of galvanizing process having no commercial usage are then suitably disposed off.
  • The enclosed drier ensures efficient utilization of heat generated in the furnace.
  • Automation is achieved through PLC controls and software programs that help operate the entire process.


  • Dulling, the special and unique process of providing grayish coating on galvanized material and it is first introduced by Gulf Jyoti International in compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirments of UAE.
  • Its basically a treatment of galvanized material with Zinc Phosphate at 60 deg. Celcius and anticorroson oil spray at the end.
  • The process is presently being done for the Galvanized Lattice Steel Strutures for San Diego Gas and Electric Company, California, USA, who is going to erect the same through forest. 
  • The Purpose of the process is to avoid the occurance of reflection caused by shining of galvanized steel strcutures in compliance with forest regulation.   

Material Handling Equipments:

  • GJI has one of the most modern material handling equipments for lifting and movement of material.
  • Goliath cranes are installed in the raw material and finished goods yard for smooth movement of raw material and finished goods.
  • The plant is equipped with EOT cranes with each bay having a dedicated EOT crane to facilitate movement of material within the plant.

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