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Gulf Jyoti International is always looking for ways to improve the quality of its services.  Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions based on your expectations of our product & services.  Your comments and suggestions will be used to improve processes and our ability to respond to your future requests for services.

  Customer Name :   Date : 17 July, 2018
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Excellent Poor
SI.No. Criterion 5 4 3 2 1
A Tendering / Marketing          
1 Submission of the techno-commercial offer complying to your requirements
2 Clearity of offer / bid in respects of technical & commercial parameters
3 Response to post tender / offer submission queries if any
B Manufacturing          
    1 Receipt of Batch of Towers          
        a As per project schedule
        b As per committed schedule from project co-ordinator
        c Along with hardwares items (Bolts, Nuts & washers) in erectable condition
    2 Condition of Material on Receipt          
        a Ease of unloading from container
        b Condition of bundles / boxes
        c Visual appearance of the material
    3 Quantity of Material          
        a Have you received a packing list with the consignment?
        b Could you count all the items required before container / truck left the store?
        c Ease of identification of items (stamping / stencilling)
        d Your satisfaction receiving all items as per packing list
    4 Documentation          
        a Contains all required information
        b Legibility of print / writing
    5 Fabrication Quality          
        a Legibility of item number marking / stamping
        b Workmanship of items
        c Ease of assembly of towers erected so far
    6 Galvanizing Quality          
        a Visual appearance of galvanised material
        b Effectiveness of coating
        c Rusting of items stored at site
    7 Hardware Items Quality          
        a Ease of hardware items fitment in the erection done so far
        b Appearance of hardware items galvanizing
    8 Response from Plant          
        a Replying to mails and calls
        b Supplying shortages
        c Addressing quality complaints
C Construction          
1 Communication with the project manager to moniter project progress
2 Execution planning & achievement of progress
3 Human safety on the project sites
4 Quality checks in construction activities
5 Technical compliance with the specifications
D How would you rate the overall service provided?
Please provide us your ideas or suggestions (in following box) which may help us develop better methods that you think will improve the quality of our response
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